Below showing the correct installation procedure for X type cavity tray's

The method behind cavity tray's is a design to stop water ingress penetrating through to the existing host construction

Above shows the profile chalk lines that are detrimental to the roof line, this height has to be exact to suit the degree of pitch in this instance 25 degrees

Image above left shows the cavity tray,s sat within the cavity, a cavity tray is a plastic rectangular box with a led flashing connected to the box with industrial staples

The tray's are fitted in incriments of six courses to to ensure the host masonry does not become weak during installation

Each course bed has to be packed tight with slates to ensure there is no movement during the mortars drying process this is an important part of the process

Ther is a very informative website ( Cavity Trays Yeovil Somerset ) this has very detailed and technical data information and video showing their necessity and function


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