Underground Drainage


All Drainage Must Conform To Your Local Authorities Building Standards And Regulations, And Usually Has to Be Exposed For Testing In Order To Pass.

Below images displaying drainage scenarios you may come accross at foundations stage. Until excavation starts, it can be difficult to assess this, and more so in older properties.

A Good rule of thumb is that if you have cast iron pipes on your property, then you are most likely to have imperial old type clay drainage as opposed to new metric

Below Showing Two Shots of clay drainage in the middle of a main line, all drainage has to be clay to clay unless its the start of the drainage line where plastic may be used.

Below Show The Basic Requirements For A Surface Water Soakaway Your Local Authority Will Describe The Type Of Soakaway Required, As Well As The

Need For A Percolation Test If Required, This Test Determines How Quick The Water Dissapates From The Soakaway.

Some Local Authorities Will Determine That The Soakaway Once Dug Has To Be Lined With A Geotextile Barrier, A Permiable Sheet

Below Drains Testing System


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