Foundations & Raft Foundations


It is very important to know your properties foundations type before starting your project, this will establish if any extra cost would be incurred. ,The ideal foundation is a strip found,

Below the depth of your existing foundation determines how much extra excavation may be required over a standard strip foundation shown above

Below a raft foundation requires a greater deal of excavation and materials , and is the third most expensive type of foundation.

Issues that could arise subsurface. Eg services, Gas, Electrics, Scottish Water, Access chamber / Manholes, Mains Sewage, Underground SurfaceWater

& Soil Waste drainage, Cables, Pipes etc. Most people just want their extension or conservatory for its aesthetics and dont think of the subsurface issues.


There is another type of foundation called a piled foundation,,Your properties original builder will have the data you require. Piled foundations.are a specialised and professional process

you would be advised by an Engineer / Architect on this, if you know your house has piled foundations then visit the site of Roger Bullivant below for professional advice

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